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Along with the rest of the performing arts world, The Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company came to an abrupt halt when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020. Sadly, the final curtain came down just two nights before the scheduled opening of The Pirates of Penzance. It was not an entirely dry period, however, Mid-pandemic, […]

Our 2019 production of Merrie England was our first-ever production outside of the Gilbert and Sullivan canon. The last great Savoy operetta, Merrie England tells the mostly fictional story of the court of Queen Elizabeth I, who discovers that the object of her affections is engaged in a secret affair with one of her handmaidens. Calling it […]

The Company’s 2018 production of Patience parodied the all-consuming nature of fads — a send-up of romantic sex symbols and the public’s infatuation with them. Patience drew record audiences and critical acclaim. The Hyde Park Herald called it “magnificent” and “charming” — a production that was “faithful to the original while fresh and compelling.” The […]

Our 2017 production of Iolanthe dropped England’s House of Peers into the middle of a Hans Christian Andersen-inspired forest enchanted by fairies and ruled by a non-nonsense Fairy Queen. Regarded by many as Gilbert and Sullivan’s most perfect collaboration, Iolanthe was called “a smashing success” by the Hyde Park Herald critic, who noted that “the […]

The Company’s 2016 production dropped us into a medieval fairy tale world where every word uttered was in blank verse. The eponymous Princess Ida marshaled her troops under the exquisite direction of Shane Valenzi, the sure baton of Matthew Sheppard, frolicking in, on and around the striking sets of Vicki Granacki, while wearing the imaginative […]

The Company’s 2015 production took us to the Tower of London. Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Yeomen of the Guard marched into the University of Chicago’s Mandel Hall with the University of Chicago Chamber Orchestra in the pit and supertitles of the lyrics above the stage. Praised by the Hyde Park Herald as “witty, engaging, true […]

The Company’s 2014 Production took us to the deck of the H.M.S. Pinafore, a ship of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, on March 14-16, 2014. Audiences enjoyed a lively and lovely production thanks to the teamwork of music director Robert Whalen, stage director Charlie Marie McGrath, ptoducer Nancy Levner, set designer Vicki Granacki, and a sea-worthy […]

Our 2013 Production took us to the rocky cliffs of England where the ship of the Pirates of Penzance has run aground. Audiences at the March 15-17, 2013 performances were treated to director Thrisa Hodits’ and conductor Robert Whalen’s humorous interpretation of this popular G&S classic, with scenic design by Vicki Granacki. This year, in […]