2009 Production: Ruddigore

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Fair is Rose. Zorah (Julia Tarlo) and the village's chorus of perpetual bridesmaids lament the fact that Rose Maybud can't seem to get married.

Sir Rupert Murgatroyd. Dame Hannah (Michelle Hackman) relates the story of the Murgatroyd family's ancestral curse to the chorus of bridesmaids.

If Somebody There Chanced to Be. Rose Maybud (Annie-Claude Chartrand) sings of her frustration and inability to find the right man to marry.

I Know a Youth. Robin Oakapple (Michael Sherman) and Rose Maybud (Annie-Claude Chartrand) give each other advice about finding the right mate.

From the Briny Sea. The chorus of bridesmaids greets Richard Dauntless (Jeff Jablonski).

My Boy, You May Take It From Me. Robin Oakapple (Michael Sherman) advises Richard Dauntless.

The Battle's Roar is Over. Richard Dauntless (Jeff Jablonski) and Rose Maybud (Annie-Claude Chartrand) celebrate their apparent engagement.

Cheerily Carols the Lark. Mad Margaret (Allison Hull) enters the story with a mad soliloquy and a cryptic song.

Oh, Why Am I Moody and Sad? Sir Despard Murgatroyd (Noel Taylor) reveals himself as a villain with a conscience.

You Understand? Richard Dauntless (Jeff Jablonksi) reveals the true identity of Robin Oakapple to Sir Despard (Noel Taylor).

Hail the Bride. The bridesmaids enter and prepare for the long-awaited wedding.

Within This Heart. Richard Dauntless (Jeff Jablonksi) explains why he had to unmask Robin Oakapple.

When He's a Bad Bart. Sir Despard (Noel Taylor) declares Robin Oakapple (Michael Sherman) to be his long-lost brother and the rightful inheritor of the Murgatroyd family curse.

I Once Was As Meek. Robin Oakapple (Michael Sherman), having resumed his true identity as Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, embraces his new life of villainy.

Painted Emblems of a Race. The Murgatroyd family portrait and sculpture gallery comes to life, led by Sir Roderic Murgatroyd (Michael Swisher).

When the Night Wind Howls. Sir Roderic Murgatroyd (Michael Swisher) leads his fellow ghosts in a celebration of the dark, haunted hours of the night.

He Yields. The chorus of ghostly ancestors asks Sir Ruthven (Michael Sherman) to forgive them for having agonized him so.

I Once Was a Very Abandoned Person. Sir Despard (Noel Taylor) and Mad Margaret (Allison Hull) rejoice in their new, respectable careers.

My Eyes Are Fully Open. Sir Ruthven (Michael Sherman), Sir Despard (Noel Taylor), and Mad Margaret (Allison Hull) sing Gilbert's brilliant statement of futility.

There Grew a Little Flower. Dame Hannah (Michelle Hackman) and Sir Roderic (Michael Swisher) celebrate their reuniting with a ballad.